Multiple Spindle Drill
Ensures high accuracy mounting holes. One of our smaller presses is at the far right.

Hole Burning Machine
Hole Burning is performed on our versatile single burner for individual pieces or on our multiple burner line for long runs.

Our milling machines are used to prepare blade bodies for carbide inserts.

Punch Press
Biting chunks from thick steel is no job for a weaking. Big Tom does this month after month and is our biggest punch press. He doesn't work quitely but does his work very neatly and doesn't mind overtime.

Multiple hole punching, hole spacing or special combinations are no problem.

Mounting Holes
Mounting Holes for sectional blades are counter sunk on this line.

Grinding finished bits to the correct diameter.

Sandblasters remove rust and scale from manufacture.

Percussion Rock Bits - Heavy Duty
LETCO percussion rock bits, tipped with fabulous carbide edges can make short